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This is the primary campaign with the Sci-fi game our alt game for when we need it.

Narrative mode of the upcoming series is “Noir”: the protagonist is the perpetrator of crime, a victim, suspect or mercenary involved with the crime. Regardless he is someone tied directly to the crime, not an outsider called to solve or fix the situation. There is an emphasis on sexual relationships and the self-destructive qualities of the characters who manage to overcome their flaws and do good, dispite themselves.

Raze your Awareness.

Tune in, turn on, and drop the bomb on the “man” and make a swag of NuYen in the process and get out clean… Well its a plan at least.

So stuff…you know …happens… You didn’t mean to become … well a criminal …it just umhm happened and well now, there’s no going back… right. Damn straight chummer this is the high life. All freedom, all consequence and just the way you like it. Where else can you just blow stuff up right?

Not that you do. Your no two bit killer…sure you kill but its professional because well you want to keep pulling this pay check. And boy it aint so bad. Sure its all about the perks. The hard NuYen aint so great but shit the perks… them be great.

So its another Mr.Johnson and another Job.

And hey you just may get what you want …

This is an “alternate history” SR game. The starting Game year is 2063-ish.
We will be using the SR4 rules but we will be playing in the “past” of the SR background in the 2060’s. So what does this mean ….

  • First the Matrix Crash The Wireless World. The Matrix crash will happen however it will take on a slightly different form/tone. The wireless world is already a reality in our Shadowrun game by the 2060’s so digitization and e-ghosting comes more to the forefront.
  • Furthermore “Technomancers” exist in the game in our 2060 and are the “Otaku” and therefor they are a)quite young b)rare.
  • Cyberdecks or in jargon “Cyber-dexus” still exist they “enhance” your c-link and work like a Nexus (see Unwired). See the wiki for more.

Some advanced gaming techniques will be used e.g. “Flashback” adventures so the narrative will jump around a bit.

Raze Your Awareness

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