Raze Your Awareness

So any way the next few sessions

So you go out press some people for some info and find out you can tack some folks down.
Some lame ass Dick with a hard-on for the marks bitch and a whole 1920’s schtich. So while your patting him down and roughing him up in order to get him to sing, some chummers come trying to geek you. So anyway if the question is to geek or be geeked you give em your answer down the barrel of your heater. Rent cops will come so you take your leads and head off.

So you make your way over to a stip mall and some poor ass shops with some gypsy witch want-a-be and so like, you start doing your thing on her too. But soon your all aware of some bad mystic juju in the air and the gypsy is getting all spooked.

Session one
Where we get a real job

So some guy knows a guy and meets you in a bar. You go see the guy. He wants you to get back his bitch and the shit of his she stole from him. Its a shinny called “Blood” made by Dante, yeah that Guy the art-ie-st. You got to get it back for him by – he says tonight – and you agreed. So like… now what?

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